Monday, January 9, 2017

15 Surprising Corn Clipart For Free

Download 15 surprising corn clipart for free with royalty free images, here you can also download black and white corn images for coloring pages.

Corn is one crop-producing carbohydrates are important in the world, other than wheat and rice. For residents of Central and South America, grain maize is a staple food, as well as for some residents of Africa and some areas in Indonesia.

Archaeological clues leading to the primitive maize cultivation in southern Mexico, Central America, since 7000 years ago. Remnants of ancient corn cobs found in Cave Naquitz Guila, Oaxaca Valley around 6250 years old; The oldest intact cobs found in caves near Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico, was around 3450 BC.

The arrival of the Europeans since the late 15th century brought with the types of corn to the Old World, both to Europe and Asia. Corn odyssey to Asia accelerated with the opening of the west path pioneered by Ferdinand Magellan led the fleet across the Pacific Ocean. In new places this corn is relatively easy to adapt because this plant has a high phenotypic plasticity.

15 surprising corn clipart free

Corn including starchy vegetables that can provide energy to the body. Included in this type of complex carbohydrate made when we had the corn consumption can provide satiety longer so that the energy was held stable.

Corn is one of the foods rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber can help block the absorption of cholesterol. In addition, consumption of corn able to make bowel movements more smoothly, avoid the problem of constipation, hemorrhoids, and cancer of the colon.

Corn Vegetables Clipart Free

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