Friday, July 15, 2016

30 Fruit Names English To Hindi

Below you can learn 30 vocabulary of fruit names from English to Hindi including they pictures and scientific names for each fruit so you can learn English to Hindi fruit vocabulary more easy.

On the table we also adding a sort functions (works on all new major browsers) that you can use to re-sorting this fruit name list so you can re-arrange and sorting by your needs.

Because many fruits have local or regional names that may not be understood outside the area and the English and Hindi vocabulary for particular fruits may not always be an exact match there was right now we can only show you just 30 fruit names in English to Hindi.

30 fruit names English to Hindi

List Of Fruits Names English To Hindi

Fruit Pictures English Names Names in Hindi Scientific Names
apple - la manzana - Malus domestica
Apple Seb Malus domestica
Apricot Khoobani Prunus armeniaca
Apricot Khoobani Prunus armeniaca
Banana Kela Musaceae
Banana Kela Musaceae
Blueberry Nilabadari Vaccinium
Blueberry Nilabadari Vaccinium
Coconut Nariyal, Kopra Cocos nucifera
Coconut Nariyal, Kopra Cocos nucifera
Cherimoya  - Shitaphal, Saripa - Annona cherimola
Cherimoya Shitaphal, Saripa Annona cherimola
Cucumber kheera Cucumis sativus
Cucumber Kheera Cucumis sativus
Date Plum khajoor Diospyros lotus
Date Plum Khajoor Diospyros lotus
Fig Anjeer Ficus carica
Fig Anjeer Ficus carica
Grapes Angoor Citrus × paradisi
Grapes Angoor Citrus × paradisi
Guava Amrud Psidium guajava
Guava Amrud Psidium guajava
Gooseberry Amla Ribes uva-crispa
Gooseberry Amla Ribes uva-crispa
Jackfruit - Katahal - Artocarpus heterophyllus
Jackfruit Katahal Artocarpus heterophyllus
kiwi keevee Actinidia deliciosa
kiwi keevee Actinidia deliciosa
lemon - Galgal, Nimbu - Citrus limon
Lemon Galgal, Nimbu Citrus limon
lychee - Lichi - Litchi chinensis
Lychee Lichi Litchi chinensis
mango - Aam - Mangifera indica
Mango Aam Mangifera indica
Mulberry Shahtoot Moraceae
Mulberry Shahtoot Moraceae
orange - Narangi - Citrus sinensis
Orange Narangi Citrus sinensis
papaya - Papita- Carica papaya
Papaya Papita Carica papaya
pear - Nashpati - Pyrus
Pear Nashpati Pyrus
pineapple - Ananas - Ananas comosus
Pineapple Ananas Ananas comosus
Pomegranate - Anar - Punica granatum
Pomegranate Anar Punica granatum
radish - Moolee - Raphanus sativus
Radish Moolee Raphanus sativus
raspberry - Rasabharee - Rubus idaeus
Raspberry Rasabharee Rubus idaeus
Sapota - Chikoo - Manilkara zapota
Sapota Chikoo Manilkara zapota
strawberry - Stroberee - Fragaria
Strawberry Stroberee Fragaria
tomato - Tamaatar - Solanum lycopersicum
Tomato Tamaatar Solanum lycopersicum
watermelon - Tarbooz, Kalingad - Citrullus lanatus
Watermelon Tarbooz, Kalingad Citrullus lanatus

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