Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fruit Names That Start With I

After yesterday sharing a list of fruit names that start with J, right now we will share a fruit names that start with I letter and we will begin with Ice Cream Bean fruit and end with Indian prune fruit with its images.

Ice cream bean (Inga edulis) tree loaded with bean-like pods full of sweet, ice-cream tasting fruit. This is a fruit native to South America. It is widely grown, especially by indigenous Amazonians, for shade, food, timber, medicine, and production of the alcoholic beverage cachiri.

Although numerous species are called the ice cream bean, but Inga edulis is the most common species attributed the name.

Fruit Names That Start With I

Indian prune fruit (alu bukhara) is good for digestion as well rich source of iron.

What is a prune?

Prune is any of various plum cultivars, mostly Prunus domestica or European Plum, sold as fresh or dried fruit. The dried fruit is also referred to as a dried plum.

Prune fruit benefits

Prunes contain fibre, a type of alcohol sugar called sorbitol that can loosen the stool and a natural laxative compound called diphenyl isatin.

List Of Fruit Names And Pictures Beginning With I Letter

Fruit Names
Fruit Pictures
Ice Cream Bean Fruit (Scientific name is Inga edulis)
Ice Cream Bean Fruit Pictures
Ilama Fruit (Scientific name is Annona diversifolia)
Ilama Fruit Pictures
Illawarra Plum Fruit (Scientific name is Podocarpus elatus)
Illawarra Plum Fruit Pictures
Imbe Fruit (Scientific name is Garcinia livingstonei)
imbe fruit images
Indian Almond Fruit (Scientific name is Terminalia catappa)
indian almond fruit images
Indian Fig Fruit (Scientific name is ficus indica)
indian fig fruit images
Indian Gooseberry (Scientific name is Phyllanthus emblica or Emblica officinalis)
indian gooseberry images
Indian Prune Fruit (Scientific name is Flacourtia rukam)
indian prune fruit images
Indian Jujube Fruit (Scientific name is Ziziphus mauritiana)
Indian Jujube Fruit (Scientific name is Ziziphus mauritiana)
Although the fruits names that start with I in this fruit names and pictures list are just 8, I hope this fruit list still can help some one out there.