Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fruit Names That Start With D

After yesterday we have sharing a list of fruit names that start with letter E, now we will continue to share a list of fruit names that start with D with its pictures starting by Damson fruit (Prunus domestica) and at the last you will see a pictures of Durian fruit (Durio zibethinus).

Damson (Prunus domestica) also known as damson plum, damson, plum and damascene is a tree produce a small tart fruit suitable for cooking and preserving, damson is an edible drupaceous fruit, a subspecies of the plum tree.

Because damson stones may be difficult and time consuming to separate from the flesh, preserves, such as jam or fruit butter, are often made from whole fruit.

Most cooks then remove the stones, but others, either in order not to lose any of the pulp or because they believe the flavour is better, leave the stones in the final product.

Fruit Names That Start With D

Durian (Durio zibethinus) is a tropical plant whose name comes from the Southeast Asia region, as well as the name of the fruit that can be eaten.

The name is taken from the characteristic of the fruit skin is hard and sharp that squiggly resemble thorns. Most popular title for durian is "King of Fruit".

Durian is a fruit that is controversial, although a lot of people who like it, but others're fed up with the smell.

Durian is grown especially for those taken its fruit, which is edible (arilus or coated seeds) in a fresh state. Salut durians is generally sweet and very nutritious because it contains a lot of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and minerals.

List Of Fruit Names And Pictures Beginning With D Letter

Fruit Names
Fruit Pictures
Damson Fruit (Scientific name is Prunus domesticus insititia)
Damson Fruit Pictures
Date Plum Fruit (Scientific name is Diospyros lotus)
Date Plum Fruit Pictures
Davidson's Plum Fruit (Scientific name is Davidsonia spp.)
Davidson's Plum Fruit Pictures
Dead Man's Fingers Fruit (Scientific name is Decaisnea fargesii)
dead man's fingers fruit images
Dekopon Fruit (hybrid fruit between Kiyomi and ponkan with scientific name is Shiranuhi)
dekopon fruit images
Desert Fig Fruit (Scientific name is Ficus platypoda)
desert fig fruit images
Desert LimeFruit (Scientific name is Citrus glauca)
desert lime fruit images
Dodder Laurel Fruit (Scientific name is Cassytha melantha)
dodder laurel fruit images
Dragon Fruit (Scientific name is Hylocereus spp.)
dragon fruit images
Durian Fruit (Scientific name is Durio zibethicus)
durian fruit images
Duku Fruit (Scientific name is Lansium domesticum)
Duku fruit pictures (Scientific name is Lansium domesticum)
Double Coconut Fruit (Scientific name is Lodoicea maldivica)
Double Coconut Fruit (Scientific name is Lodoicea maldivica)