Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fruit Names Starting With L

On the table list below I have been listing 17 fruit names starting with L letter and on the right side of the table you can see a pictures of each fruits.

In this list of fruit names and pictures I was starting with Lablab fruit, common names of lablab fruit is lablab bean or hyacinth bean and in Spanish this fruit known as pois nourrice. In Africa this bean used as a food but in USA the plants is used as ornamental plant.

On the last table you can found a fruit with names Lychee fruit, Lychee is a fruit with sweet musky aroma. This fruit feel is not to good but they have some unpleasant effect on our digestive system.

Fruit Names Starting With L

List Of Fruit Names And Pictures Beginning With L Letter

Fruit Names
Fruit Pictures
Lablab Fruit (Scientific name is Dolichos lablab or Lablab purpureus)
Lablab Fruit Pictures
Lady Apple Fruit (Scientific name is Syzygium suborbiculare)
Lady Apple Fruit Pictures
Lakoocha Fruit (Scientific name is Artocarpus lakoocha)
Lakoocha Fruit Pictures
Langsat Fruit (Scientific name is Lansium domesticum)
Langsat Fruit pictures
Lapsi Fruit (Scientific name is Choerospondias axillaris Roxb)
Lapsi Fruit pictures
Lardizabala Fruit (Scientific name is Lardizabala biternata)
Lardizabala Fruit pictures
Lemato Fruit (Hybrid variety of lemon and tomato)
Lemato Fruit pictures
Lemon Aspen Fruit (Scientific name is Acronychia acidula)
Lemon Aspen Fruit pictures
Lemons Fruit (Scientific name is Citrus limon)
Lemons Fruit pictures
Lilly Pilly Fruit (Scientific name is Acmena spp.)
Lilly Pilly Fruit pictures
Limeberry Fruit (Scientific name is Triphasia trifolia)
Limeberry Fruit pictures
Limequat Fruit (Scientific name is Citrus aurantifolia × Fortunella spp.)
Limequat Fruit pictures
Lingonberry Fruit (Scientific name is Vaccinium vitis-idaea)
Lingonberry Fruit pictures
Loganberry Fruit (Scientific name is Rubus loganobaccus)
Loganberry Fruit pictures
Loquat Fruit (Scientific name is Eriobotrya japonica)
Loquat Fruit pictures
Lucuma Fruit (Scientific name is Pouteria campechiana)
Lucuma Fruit pictures
Lychee Fruit (Scientific name is Litchi chinensis)
Lychee Fruit pictures
Leucaena Fruit (Scientific name is Leucaena leucocephala)
Leucaena fruit pictures (scientific name is Leucaena leucocephala)
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