Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fruit Names Starting With T

In T letter I have found 7 fruit names and they are tamarillo, tamarind, tangelo, tangor, tart cherries, tayberry and tomato.

If you want to see the pictures of that's fruit I mention before, you can see in the right side of this fruit names starting with T letter.

Fruit Names Starting With T

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List Of Fruit Names And Pictures Beginning With T Letter

Fruit Names
Fruit Pictures
Tamarillo Fruit (Scientific name is Cyphomandra betacea)
Tamarillo Fruit Pictures
Tamarind Fruit (Scientific name is Tamarindus indica)
Tamarind Fruit Pictures
Tangelo Fruit (Hybrid fruit cross between tangerine and pomelo or grapefruit with scientific name is Citrus × tangelo)
Tangelo Fruit Pictures
Tangor Fruit (Hybrid fruit cross breeding between mandarin orange and the sweet orange with scientific name is Citrus reticulata × sinensis)
Tangor Fruit Pictures
Tart Cherries Fruit (Scientific name is Prunus cerasus)
Tart Cherries Fruit Pictures
Tayberry Fruit (Hybrid fruit cross breeding between blackberry and red raspberry with scientific name is Rubus fruticosus x R. idaeus)
Tayberry Fruit Pictures
Tomato Fruit (Scientific name is Solanum lycopersicum)
Tomato Fruit Pictures
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