Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fruit Names Starting With R

Fruit names starting with R letter that I can found till now is just 8 fruit names and they're Rambutan, Rangpur, Raspberries, Red Mombin, Riberry fruit, Rollinia fruit, Rose Apple and Rose Hips Fruit.

If in your place there was another fruit names starting with R letter not in this list maybe you might want to add it to the fruit list below you can write down the name in the comment sections and I will add it to the list as soon as.

Fruit Names Starting With R

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List Of Fruit Names And Pictures Beginning With R Letter

Fruit Names
Fruit Pictures
Rambutan Fruit (Scientific name is Nephelium lappaceum)
Rambutan Fruit Pictures
Rangpur Fruit (Hybrid fruit cross between mandarin orange and lemon from genus Citrus)
Rangpur Fruit Pictures
Raspberries Fruit (Scientific name is Rubus)
Raspberries Fruit Pictures
Red Mombin Fruit (Scientific name is Spondias purpurea)
Red Mombin Fruit Pictures
Riberry Fruit (Scientific name is Syzygium luehmannii)
Riberry Fruit Pictures
Rollinia Fruit (Scientific name is Rollinia mucosa)
Rollinia Fruit Pictures
Rose Apple Fruit (Scientific name is Syzygium jambos)
Rose Apple Fruit Pictures
Rose Hips Fruit (Scientific name is Rosa)
Rose Hips Fruit Pictures
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