Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wonderful Watermelon Fruit Carving

After you see an amazing apples fruit arts carving on yesterday articles, today I want to share a few wonderful watermelon fruit carving arts.

Watermelon has a tough skin, solid green or light green with dark green lines. Depending on its cultivars, juicy flesh that is red or yellow. 

Because the outer skin is thick and hard here so it makes a lot of artists cuisine and chef also did not hesitate and many use this fruit as a carving object. 

They can use watermelon to pour their artistic talent and creativity that you can see in the following amazing pictures of watermelon fruit carving.

turtle watermelon fruit carving arts

watermelon pig carving

bon-bon watermelon fruit arts

gold fish watermelon fruit arts

hedgehog watermelon fruit carving arts

intricate watermelon carving fruit arts

halloween monster watermelon fruit arts

rabbit watermelon carving fruit arts

rose flower watermelon fruit arts

roses watermelon fruit arts carving

shark carving watermelon fruit arts

simple flower watermelon fruit carving arts

watermelon dragon fruit art design

watermelon carving fruit arts

That is 14 wonderful watermelon fruit carving arts that I can show you, hope you like it and can share to your friends.